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David Merriman is a leading Colorado arborist and operates ArborScape.  He began work at the age of 10 with his father in Colorado, and now has more than 30 years of hands-on experience. He has studied horticulture at the University of Wyoming, Tarrant County Junior College and Front Range Community College. Merriman specializes in common Colorado tree species such as ash and pine trees and his main area of research is the sub-field of urban arboriculture. He is one of six Colorado (as of 2018) Registered Consulting Arborists with the American Society of Consulting Arborists and is a past board member of the Rocky Mountain ISA.


  • Dedicated: David is passionate about helping other arborists and is generous in sharing the lessons he’s learned.
  • Teacher: Partnered  with Jefferson County Work Force Center in 2008 to train arborists and horticultural professionals.

  • Mentor: Devotes time to sharing his trade with at-risk youth to help create avenues for their contribution to their communities.

A Common-Sense Approach

With an understanding of how a tree fits into your long-term plans,

Merriman creates your customized trimming or PHC plan.


In 2008 Merriman helped start a new program with the Jefferson County Work Force Center to train arborists. The curriculum included 13 weeks of classroom instruction combined with on-the-job training. The students were then placed with a private or public sector employer where they spend  three hours in the classroom and 16-24 hours in the field.

In addition to designing ArborScape’s in-house apprentice and tree safety program, David Merriman devotes his time to working with at-risk youth. He hopes that by sharing a trade that has brought him so much, young people with few opportunities will have a better chance of contributing to their communities.

David takes a common-sense approach to helping ArborScape’s clients. Understanding how a tree fits in their long-term plans guides his approach to creating a trimming or PHC plan. He manages some of ArborScape’s largest commercial tree service clients including; NREL, Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Aurora.

During his free time David enjoys the ATVing, spending time with family and reading.

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