Tree Insect Control

Tree Insects and Disease

Tree insect control only begins with an infestation of insects, fungus, or other diseases affecting the overall health and beauty of your trees. A yard or campus that hasn’t been maintained will be more prone to aphids, beetles, and mites are all insects that are causing bark and leaf loss. The experienced plant health care technicians at Arborscape will inspect your trees and recommend the best insect and disease control options.

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Timing of Treatment & Application is Extremely Critical!

 ArborScape offers detailed, timely treatment and application programs for optimal tree health.

Insect and Disease Control Options

Most Commonly Treated Tree Insects

  • Emerald ash borer (EAB)
  • Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) – Typically attack weaker trees due to old age, crowding, drought, fire damage, etc.
  • Ips Bark Beetle – Also known as “engraver beetles” targeting pine & spruce trees.
  • Spider Mites – Common plant pests most easily identified by flecking, discoloration and scorching of leaves.
  • Aphids – A very common insect present throughout the entire season.
  • Ash Borer – Active in spring usually in late April/May.
  • Pine Zimmerman Moth – Have larvae that damage the tree by tunneling under the bark. They are identified by large masses of sap at the tree wounds and die-off at the very top.

Insect and Disease Control Timing

In almost every plant health care situation the timing of application is extremely critical to success.

For the ultimate in insect & disease prevention for your tree ArborScape recommends the following plan:

  • Spring Fertilization.
  • General Insect Spray.
  • Special Insect Spray (addressing specific issues – timing varies).
  • Fall Fertilization.
  • Winter Watering.
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