Denver Arborists

Why Would You Need a Denver Arborist?

In Denver arborists need to be licensed but in some cities and counties in Colorado they don’t. That means it’s really up to you to find out if a Denver arborist is qualified and what sort of certifications they possess. 

The state of Colorado doesn’t require a specific arborist license. 

ArborScape is licensed in all five metro area cities that require a written and practical test: Aurora, Denver, Lakewood, Englewood and Wheat Ridge. Arbor Scape also meets or exceeds all insurance requirements for the State of Colorado, local municipalities, Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles, homeowners associations, and workmen’s compensation. 

We also are ISA certified by the Rocky Mountain ISA.  

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Finding the right arborist is important!

Not only for your peace of mind, but for your trees’ well-being.

An arborist is an advocate for your trees and adept at boosting your curb appeal.  Look for licensed arborist. 

What Makes a “Qualified Arborist”?

ArborScape has a consulting arborist and a plant health care consultant with more than six decades of combined experience. Both David Merriman and Jeff Disler have worked extensively with leading tree organizations to maintain the highest standards of tree care quality.

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