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Conventional & Specialized Lawn Services

ArborScape offers a range of lawn service programs to choose from ranging from comprehensive programs to one-time treatments.

Unlike other lawn care services, with ArborScape, there is no obligation or contract for ongoing lawn service — you can cancel with one day’s notice.

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What is common for your Colorado yard is that dry and nutrient-deficient soil can make certain types of grass struggle to survive and may require fairly intensive watering and weed control spraying to keep the grass green and thick.

ArborScape has spent the past two decades familiarizing ourselves with the variables that affect our lawns — the dry climate and scorching sun, all coupled with our mile-high altitude.

We have put together a full service lawn care program that doesn’t just suit your Colorado lawn, but creates an environment in which it can grow and thrive as well

Our most popular lawn maintenance system includes four fertilization and weed control treatments,
giving your turf what it needs.

Without consistent maintenance your turf quality will vary from one year to the next. Let’s get you on the schedule and your lawn on the path to consistent perfection.

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Commercial Lawn Services

We know that property owners and managers need more than just the top commercial lawn care service in the area, they need a relationship with a partner they can trust to be there for all their needs – both expected and unexpected.

We are licensed to spray for weed control and have the capacity for large-scale lawn service by the acre.

Our crew visits your property on a scheduled basis to mow and conduct grounds inspections. We make sure your grass is holding up in the hot Denver Metro growing season.

Commercial lawn services we offer include:

Core Aeration: We recommend a core aeration because it is an effective way to help turf areas develop deeper root structure. This allows it to choke off weeds and absorb water more efficiently which can save money.

Fertilization and Pest Management: We recommend a course of action based on your feedback and current lawn conditions, revealed through careful monitoring and inspections. You are always in the driver seat and you’ll find us very flexible should you need to have different treatments applied.

Commercial Lawn Irrigation: Efficient sprinkler systems are a large part of keeping your turf and landscape thriving. You can be assured that your sprinkler system will be running at its full potential to save money on water bills.

Sprinkler Maintenance: Commercial businesses can be fined up to $1,000 for drought violations! This can include irrigation and sprinkler systems which are not properly calibrated.   Although we’ve noticed that municipal parks and city grounds are one of the worst offenders for leaking or damaged irrigation systems! Setting aside whether they would get citation themselves (likely not), our service helps prevent that.  Plus, watering cement just looks sloppy. And do you really want customers and visitors dodging water to get into your business?

Sprinkler Activation and Winterization: When activating a large scale commercial sprinkler system in spring, we inspect and tune up all the heads, set the water schedule, and alert you to any ways you could save money. Once fall comes, we blow out the system to prevent any ice expansion from cracking sprinkler system tubing and heads, when that first freeze hits the Front Range.

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Specialized Lawn Care

Your lawn’s health may also be affected by specific problems and/or disease pathogens that require specialized treatment.  Here are some common Colorado lawn problems we can solve. Keep in mind that specialized lawn issues such as these, may come and go as weather and disease cycles evolve.

For desperate lawns, we may recommend additional targeted treatments.  While an additional cost, this can help get your lawn to a stable place.

Ring Spots: This can be controlled using a soil injection with Merit.

Winter Mite Control: This prevents excessive yellowing and browning. Mites will localize around the parts of your lawn that receive the most sunlight.

Not sure if you can afford it? Then start with a lawn aeration. This promotes root development and helps any applications that are followed up to be more effective. 

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