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Since 1996 ArborScape has been the tree trimming Denver pro and the first call to ten of thousands of customers when a tree needs to be maintained or saved. There is a lot more to this work than just providing clearance for buildings and pedestrians. Here is a basic description of our tree trimming process. For larger yards and campus management, read about our canopy management services.

Tree Appearance:  Mature trees are pruned to maintain structure, form, health and appearance. When trimming young trees, the emphasis is on promoting a strong structure, preparing the plant for a long, healthy lifetime.  Before you cut a healthy tree down due to undesirable location, give us a call, we may be able to come up with an affordable alternative to regulate growth and create safe space around structures and vehicles.

Safety: Pruning for safety involves the removal of branches that could fall and cause injury or damage to property. Branches that interfere with the line-of-sight on streets, driveways and sidewalks need to be removed or raised to meet uniform resource codes. Safety tree pruning can also include the select removal of branches growing into, over and under structures, reducing building maintenance costs.

Tree Health: Trimming for tree health involves the removal of diseased or insect

tree trimming Denver

infested branches, thinning the crown to increase airflow, and the removal of crossing and rubbing branches. Pruning is the best method to reduce the likelihood of storm damage during the high winds and heavy snow loads in our fierce Colorado climate.

Trees Make Your Yard

Full service tree care is a delicate marriage of pruning, watering, fertilization and tree insect control. ArborScape’s technicians trim your tree so your residence stands out.

With our trimming, it will allow air and water to get to your tree. Not only that, it will prevent breakage when we invariably get our wet spring snows.

As you drive around Denver you will see plenty of trees with dead or broken branches. Broken branches are an invitation to disease and pests.

Not only that, it’s the aesthetics of it all. It looks trashy.

Trimming makes your trees look great and allows all its resources to be used in a smarter way.

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It is a violation of city ordinance to have city trees trimmed by an unlicensed tree company.


With ArborScape, all work is guaranteed. Whenever possible we use one of our four tree trimming bucket trucks to complete the job.


You will get a FREE written estimate from one of our tree consultants.

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Tree trimming and pruning services are only a few of many services designed to meet your satisfaction.

We also utilize over $1 million worth of equipment regularly for your tree and lawn needs. If your tree has limited access this will require different approaches, such as climbing the tree. We have the equipment for special circumstances.

While national standards are important, we also follow the best practices set forth by the City Forester of Denver. In fact we are licensed by the city of Denver. Tree trimming services in Denver are governed by strict guidelines and laws.

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